Cebu Aircon Services or Manceli's Aircon & Repair Services offered any service such as cleaning, repair, and installation.

Be Comfortable When You Sleep

It is important to maintain your air conditioning system to ensure long life, maximum efficiency, and a comfortable indoor environment.


Cebu Aircon Services or Manceli’s Aircon Repair Services offers anywhere in Cebu City, Mandaue City, Lapu-Lapu City and many other areas. Check out the various services you can choose from below and just call 09327803220 or send a message on our facebook page here and we will serve you right away.

Aircon Installation

Our Aircon Installation is very polished and simply can't beat your money's worth because it's not only guaranteed it's definitely cheaper than others.

Aircon Cleaning

Our Aircon Cleaning Services cannot be compared to the price we charge because you can see its smoothness inside and out after cleaning.

Aircon Repair

Our Aircon repair services has been tested by our many clients anywhere in Cebu, Mandaue, Lapu and many other areas covered by Cebu City.

Aircon Freon Re-Charging

Even our Aircon Freon Re-Charging Services has been tested by many of our clients whether Residential, Offices, Company and many other establishments in Cebu City.

Aircon Relocation

Our Aircon Relocation Services, As an installer, you must be careful when removing a unit so that its other materials remain useful when it is placed in another location.

About Us

Best Aircon Services in Cebu

Manceli’s Aircon Repair Services, often known as Cebu Aircon Services or MARS, was founded in 2018. The idea was to start repairing any equipment came to us at a time when poverty was at its worst, and I am aware of many others who are going through similar difficulties. Nevertheless, a long time ago, we encountered a person who was skilled at repairing air conditioners but lacked the funds to purchase things like pressure washers, gauges, vacuum pumps, brazing equipment, electrical testers, welding machines, etc. They will even use a motorcycle as a vehicle.

I made the decision to purchase a little bit more of its equipment right away in order to use it for various air conditioning repairs since I wanted to help people improve their quality of life. Due to this, we expanded our services to include aircon installation, aircon cleaning, aircon repair, refrigerant recharge, refrigerant reprocessing, relocation, selling, and so on.

We have visited several locations throughout our brief time at MARS O Cebu Aircon Services, including Bantayan Island, Bogo, Balamban, San Remigio, and many more. We have encountered numerous clients over the years, both good and bad, but despite the difficulties we face, we still appreciate each individual.

The important thing is that I keep working hard to be successful so that one day they will not forget me as a friend, brother, or parent because I dedicate all of this to the Lord and my loved ones. Nevertheless, I am grateful to my coworkers who understand that if something is lost, something else is coming.

God bless you and everyone else!

Cebu Aircon Services


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