Aircon Cleaning Services

Aircon Cleaning Service for Residential, Commercial, and Industrial Clients.

Our Aircon cleaning services cannot be compared to the price we charge because you can see its smoothness inside and out after cleaning.

Cebu Air Services offers affordable prices for all aircon cleaning services.

We accept all types of air conditioners for cleaning.

What are the Benefits of Regular Air Conditioner Cleaning

Dust and particles builds up through the years and blocks the regular air float of your air conditioner. Dusts covers the evaporator coils which reduces its capacity to soak up heat. This forces the air conditioner to paintings tougher than its regular operation which lessen the performance and cooling capacity of your air conditioner.

Accumulated dust and dirt are breeding grounds for mold, bacteria, germs and fungi which contaminate the air. Regularly cleansing your air conditioner guarantees you that the air it blows is loose from those dangerous contaminants.

Air conditioners that aren't often wiped clean and serviced will sooner or later result in extra and larger problems. Accumulated dirt and dust are lots more difficult to clean. Your air conditioner can be susceptible to overheating and ice construct ups. Getting your air conditioner wiped clean often can assist save you those problems.

Air conditioners eat extra strength than different family appliances. Having a grimy air con unit will eat extra energy because it will paintings tougher than its everyday operation consequently growing its electric powered consumption.

We Clean All Types and Brands of Air Conditioners

Aircon Cleaning Services